What This App Is

Micro-VTT is a lightweight virtual tabletop optimized for low-powered devices like cell phones. The application provides the bare essentials needed to bring a pen and paper game online.

With Micro-VTT, game masters can create and assign character sheets for any game system that can be viewed and modified in real time by the game master and players.

Micro-VTT removes the bloat of 3D environments, voice chat, and battle maps to allow for theater-of-the-mind gameplay without getting in your way.

Why This App Exists

There is a tooling gap for gamers who want a lightweight way to share character sheets while playing their favorite TTRPGs online. Your choices seem to be limited to full Virtual Tabletops that require a large time investment and considerable computing power to run, or spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets.

Virtual Tabletops aim to bring players together in a cohesive ecosystem and try to do everything at once, but they often fall short compared to individual dedicated tools like Discord, and nobody wants to look at spreadsheets.

Micro-VTT aims to provide the bare essentials to play TTRPGs online with your friends and family by offering a seamless way to share rule-agnostic character sheets that the Game Master and their players can modify and control together.

What This App Is Not

Micro-VTT is not a fully-featured virtual tabletop that provides all the tools you need in one place. Instead, Micro-VTT aims to do one thing and do it well.


  • Custom user-generated character sheets
  • Local data storage that you own
  • Custom system integration into character sheets (click to roll with modifiers)
  • Custom sheet-based trackers like time tracking, torches, morale, rations, sanity, DM screens, and anything else you can think of
  • Cloud-based data storage for saving multiple campaign "binders"
  • Discord integration for getting sheet stats in your gaming channel